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By training intensively at Eszteca, Moves Dance WareHouse and Jake’s Dance Factory, Shaggy MC got experience and knowledge in Hip Hop, House, Breakdance, Poppin, Locking and Freestyle. He soon received several dance jobs and was able to work as a dancer in the biggest clubs in the Netherlands. Not long after that, music videos, TV and theater shows, musicals, live performances for artists followed, where he was not only booked as an executive dancer, but most of the times also as the choreographer. He has also been active internationally and traveled to countries such as Taiwan, UK, Jordan, Surinam, Germany, France and Belgium to show and share his (passion for) dance.


Tommy Hilfiger, Oliver Heldens, Monsif, Afblijven de Musical, Spijt de Musical, DJ JEAN, RMXCRW


Kwaku Summer Festival, Encore, Vie Sauvage Festival (FR), Zwarte Koffie, #BIJLMERBATTLE


Furious Flow, Partysquad, Gio, Mercedes-Benz, Folami, Nokia, DJ KOOL, Oorkaan, Anna Nooshin, Marc Cain, RTL

No showing off.
Just skilled.

Starting his dance career in 2005, by taking classes from the best Hiphop dancers, graduating at a dance academy, and taking classes in LA, and his own research in dance, Shaggy MC got experienced in choreography, entertainment and education in dance. His portfolio includes national & international artists, tv-shows, musicals, national & international theatre productions, Dutch performing art Schools Huge events, music video’s,, but also corporated and private occasions, like weddings. With is Foundation Free&Style, he provides events & activitities for the local dance community in Amsterdam and abroad. By staying humble and hard work, Shaggy is known for his wide network, dedication to movement, hyped energy where he pops up,

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Gregory “Shaggy MC” Albertzoon
Furious Flow / Free&Style
Dance and Choreography in
Education and Entertainment.

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